BeMy & Co. is a recruiting company specialized in native language teachers.
Please contact Ken Park at by email or at job.korea by SkyPe or at 82-10-5557-7375 (country code +82) for any further information

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Updated Foreign Language teaching (E-2) Application Eligibility on January 24, 2011
bemy 2011/02/22 1828

(As of Feb. 26th, 2014) Kindergarten & Elementary School Jobs in Seoul Metro, Korea.
bemy 2008/11/28 5987

(As of Feb. 26th, 2014) Kinder & Primary Job Offers from Coastal Southern Part of Korea
bemy 2008/11/28 2763

More Info Sources for Police Checks for E2 Visas
bemy 2008/09/21 9900

Enjoy Our Dependable Recruiting Service for Free. (As of Feb. 26th, 2014) Elementary & Middle School Jobs in Southern Part of Korea.
bemy 2008/08/29 6614

(As of Feb. 26th, 2014) Elementary & Middle School & Adult Teaching Jobsin Seoul Metro, Korea.
bemy 2008/08/11 3416

Phone Us Free or with only local charge from all over the world by Skype or Jaxtr
bemy 2008/06/12 2604

The Subject of Grant of overseas Koreans status (F-4 Visa)
bemy 2008/06/07 13170

Korean Consulates in US & Canada and Embassies in Korea
bemy 2008/05/26 6577

Visa Run to Japan (Pusan<-> Fukuoka)
bemy 2008/04/19 4530

[3.0M/4weeks of summer camp starting July 24th, 50 Teachers Needed]
bemy 2008/04/08 2701

7 International School Job Offers for Christian English Teachers
bemy 2008/03/31 7807

Complete Information on the Criminal Background Check [1]
bemy 2008/03/22 33597

Getting Apostille for Pulicly Notarized Documents in US
bemy 2008/03/16 5429

How to get Apostilled Publicly Notarized Criminal Background Check ASAP in CA
bemy 2008/03/16 3183

구직 의뢰한 3000여명의 원어민강사를 만나보세요.010-5557-7375 연락후 사진/이력확인 가능!
bemy 2008/03/04 52

Visa for Teachers & Family Dependency (F-3) [3]
bemy 2008/02/06 61432

New E-2 visa requirements
bemy 2008/02/24 27671
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If you want to apply for any of the following positions.
please send me your resume with pictures and cover letter at for foreign teachers or at for other professionals
An interview will be arranged and taken over the phone for the qualified applicants
The qualified applicants for foreign teachers must have a sealed transcript and Apostille/Publicly Notarized Criminal Background Check and Original College Diploma for E2 Visa ready.
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