BeMy & Co. is a recruiting company specialized in native language teachers.
Please contact Ken Park at by email or at job.korea by SkyPe or at 82-10-5557-7375 (country code +82) for any further information

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글쓴이   bemy
제 목   Visa Run to Japan (Pusan<-> Fukuoka)
It can be issued on the same day.
You can leave Pusan at 10:00AM and arrive at 12:55PM.
can get visa within an hour and leave Fukuoka at 3:00PM .
1.  Pusan<-> Fukuoka Ferry (Running Schedule)

2. Pusan<-> Fukuoka Fare
From Pusan(One way)        ₩115,000        
From Pusan(Round)        ₩230,000        
From Fukuoka(One way)        ¥13,000        
From Fukuoka(Round)        ¥24,000        

3.Korean Consulate in Fukuoka

1) Address:810-0065  福岡市 中央區 地行浜 1-1-3
     (1-1-3 Jigyohama Chuo-ku Fukuoka, Japan 810-0065)

2) Contact Information
ㅇ  TEL
    -  (092) 771-0461~2  
ㅇ FAX : (092) 771- 0464  
ㅇ  e-mail :
ㅇ  Homepage :

3) Working Hours
      * M∼F(09:00∼17:00)
      * Lunch Break : 12:00 ∼13:30
    - Working Hours : (AM) 09:00 ∼ 11:00  
                 (PM) 13:30 ∼15:30
Holidays for the Year 2011
(Month) (Date)
1월 3일(월) 연시 휴관일
2월 2일(수) 구정
2월 3일(목) 구정
2월 4일(금) 구정
3월 1일(화) 3.1절
4월 29일(금) 쇼와의 날(일본)
5월 5일(목) 어린이 날
5월 10일(화) 석가탄신일
6월 6일(월) 현충일
7월 18일(월) 바다의 날(일본)
8월 15일(월) 광복절
9월 12일(월) 추석
9월 13일(화) 추석
10월 3일(월) 개천절
12월 23일(금) 천황 탄생일(일본)
12월 29일(목) 연말 휴관일
12월 30일(금) 연말 휴관일

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The qualified applicants for foreign teachers must have a sealed transcript and Apostille/Publicly Notarized Criminal Background Check and Original College Diploma for E2 Visa ready.
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