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이곳에 소개되어 있는 원어민강사는 저희에게 채용을 의뢰한 강사로 모두 외국인강사 (E2)비자를 취득하였거나 할 것이며 합법적인절차로 진행 중입니다.
이들의 채용을 원하시는 학원과 학교들은 저희와 원어민강사 공급계약을 하시고 진행하시면 됩니다.
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제 목   John Hennigan
Greetings!  My name is john and I would like to be considered for an English teacher position with your school.  In doing so I hope that you review my application favorably. I am an irish citizen, 23 years old, single. I have a first class honors Bachelor degree of business studies and a bachelor degree of international commerce and marketing.   I am an experienced professional whom performs 100% at any obstacle put forward.  Able to work on own initiative and as part of a team. Proven exceptional leadership skills involving managing, developing and motivating teams through work, group and individual projects and events, the class representative of over 100 students and undertook the biggest   fashion show event ever in the north west region of Ireland. Have very powerful interpersonal skills which can be identified on spending a year studying and working in France with marketing as being the core objective and appreciating the French culture.  I would love the opportunity to  encourage student's  to think laterally where they are forced to overcome an information gap, drawing/reflecting on past experiences and then applying them in real world situations.  With my contributions and teachings I hope to be a valuable teacher and a respected member of staff. I hope that this brief appraisal is helpful and hope to further prove my suitability in an interview situation.

2006-2007        Honours degree of Bachelor of  Business studies “Marketing” 1st class Honours  French Fluent in French and excellent knowledge of the French business culture Produced a dissertation on a financial analysis of the company Michelin, countless oral presentations and essays.

Services Marketing Organized  biggest fashion show to face  the north West of Ireland along with six other individuals

Finance Undertook an analysis  and the interpretation of a set of accounts

Marketing Strategy Undertook a Marketing review and analysis  of seaweed baths in Strandhill, Co Sligo as part of a group

Strategic Management Undertook a strategic analysis of a National games association and presented a presentation. “along with 6 other individuals”

Macro-economics Performed best in the class on an essay dealing with interest rates & Business sentiment analysis.

2004 - 2005         Bachelor degree in International marketing “France”  Subjects Undertaken :   French  International commerce Communications Finance Law Applied Marketing   Done a presentation on Ireland at the beginning of the year, For Christmas we as a class got involved in a project of the purchasing, marketing and the distribution of Christmas gifts. Our sales figures doubled the previous year results. Involved in the set up of an Irish stand in a multi cultural event.

Associated tasks undertaken :
Brainstorming sessions
Focus groups
Found sponsorship
Purchased selected Irish orientated products
Used effective marketing techniques
Design, layout and presentation of the stand

May – Sept 06        Field sales representative of oracle advertising Manchester Constant communication between customer and management following up queries and presenting marketing reports from the field.
Critical background knowledge of sales techniques and sufficient product knowledge  Inputting of admin data onto the store computer system
Motivated team members with constant reviews of the previous day’s performance.
Sept 06 – March 07        Assistant Manager of Galway Gas  Administrating stock levels in that they were replenished and maintained to appropriate levels
Organizing induction courses for new employees  Administrating training reports and training programs  Responsible for all reporting of sales and bonuses calculations
Sole responsibility of the marketing department with designing advertising campaigns, setting out the budget, forecasting sales reports, in-store positioning of products and measuring past with current performances.


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